So we went on theorizing: Noooo, were just shocked because its cold out. And frankly, its easy to judge I had some big moments of stupidity when I was about. The more we walked, the colder we got, and the flock of half-naked girls just kept on coming. Even if I dont necessarily want to free my nipple right this minute.


Pretty Piggy Put On a Couple Lbs (Cake Stuffing). I just think that girls imagine thats what they have to do to be cool and rebellious. Honestly, all of this is difficult there arent really any clear lines. But I dont think boys ask girls to dress like that or that its a problem of inequality between boys and girls at all. Anyway, we were freezing, even with our coats. I dont know what guys go through as teenagers (Im sure they have other difficult things to deal with) but anyway, Im sure they dont have the same pressure to exhibit themselves and to oversexualize their bodies. I mean, in the 70s, clothes were super tight but it was the same for guys. Thats when we arrived at Webster Hall and realized that was the final destination of all the skin-tight shorts. As for Anja, she opened a new account and made. Oh la la, I sound like such a grandma! The People of Instagram might have responded (I dont think they responded at all, actually. Honestly, Ive always been pretty relaxed about half-nakedness. Side note: Dont Fear the Nipple, did you see what happened to Anja Rubik when she published a photo of herself wearing a sheer top (Not vulgar beautiful, very sexy but not vulgar) and Instagram literally shut down her page? A little less so when it comes to vulgarity, but I guess vulgarity is a matter of perspective. In the summer, everyone in New York is dressed like that and no one gives it a second thought! Pfffff, thats the Miley Cyrus influence this is wrong* I said, with a disapproving look (but not a disapproving grandma look just disapproving!). I thought that was pretty unbelievable. They all had on super tight, super short skirts or shorts more like panties, really, and tops which were basically bras, and they all seemed terribly excited. New York has returned to the ice age. Yes, but breasts are breasts, its nudity zero tolerance or its all doors opened to pornography! Some people might have said. (I mean, not final final destination, of course echange linguistique usa france the butts accompanying them would have to get back home one day, right? I dont have to remind you that it was below 20F: I think weve already established on this blog that the city. She just had to open another account completely freaked out by the downward spiral into porno on Tumblr. I have photos of my dad in bell bottom jeans to prove it! Dont Fear the Nipple t-shirts, and I thought that was cool. It wasnt always glorious, but I learned from. So, all of this is just to say Im not really sure what to think. We couldnt believe our eyes. That night in front of Webster Hall, the thing that bothered me was of course the trashiness of it all, but also the fact that only the girls were half-naked that they thought to be fun. I was walking down the street with. Now, whats the dynamic between them and the crazy, half-naked girls? The crowd was there to see a group of DJs I hadnt heard of the Bassjackers (is it just me or do I not know anything anymore*?) (have you heard of them?) and everything would have been fine. Obviously, for a second there, I wondered if we had turned into disapproving grandmas, to which Elisa replied: Grandma yourself! Do you think next time I should tell them to go put some clothes on* or should we just let kids be kids? Its fashion, its artistic! Yeah, its true Ive noticed the shorts in New York are really really short. I was walking down the street with Elisa on Saturday night, and we noticed that the girls seemed to be really, reeeeally bare - like hardly wearing anything at all. They all had on super tight, super short skirts or shorts - more like. Even if it put a damper on the day, Ash absolutely made the right decision to not have live tackling. He does have the openers set for each week: Superior Siren this week, then Feeding Leroy on Jan.