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the front door of a mansion and flees through the streets. Admirably acted by Kristel, she is the strength and weakness of the film. Fight Dracula : Emmanuelle fights Dracula in 2004's Emmanuelle. There was a glossy look but a nasty edge to it all - the sex seemed joyless, owing to the awful approach of Just Jaecken. This is a sequel to one of the most successful erotic movies of all time. It has countless adaptations and rip-offs, seven of which are official. Every second of it looks like a very polished, big budget film. One of Alex Cox's favourite movies - Emmanuelle 2 has strong sex for a soft core happening, is genuinely erotic, has good acting and some surreal moments (the animated movie, the guy wandering around with bits. The sex scenes deliver the goods, but the lack of a discernible plot may prove tiresome for some. This stuff is worlds better than much of the ugly, corporate crap that comes out of Hollywood these days.